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May 11, 2013
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A/N: I do not own Hetalia. This fan fiction contains SHIPPING, YAOI, MPREG, angst, death, gore, violence, Strong language, and EXTREME TERROR. Ships include: England x Antarctica, Japan x Ana, PruIta

Lilith, the personification of the Underworld, death or whatever you want to call it, woke up in a white void. She was was completely and utterly alone. Or at least....she thought she was. The longer that she sat in that void she began to hear voices. Voices from within her mind, troubled voices, filled with pain and suffering. Voices that told her to kill her friends.

"No shut up!" But the voices in her head became louder and more persistent. "SHUT UP!"  Underworld was getting tired of these voices. The voices continued getting louder and angrier overwhelming Underworld's mind. She picked up a gun that the void had purposefully left and she shot at anything she saw in the mist.  Underworld laughed as she shot the people the mist made appear, the images of her loved ones, her clothes becoming soaked in their blood.  " I did it...I KILLED THEM ALL!"  As she said those words, she began to cry, but she wore a sadistic grin. "I did that can't be right... I would NEVER...SHUT UP! This is what you wanted!"

"No...I never wanted this!"  She held the body of one the victims in her arms. "I never wanted to kill my friends!!"  The voices in her head were starting to make her contradict her every thought and action.

She sniffled, wiping away tears. "Man up you cry baby! They never loved you! Your "friends just said that to make you not cry. You have been telling yourself lies to ignore the REAL truth. You have ALWAYS been alone!"

"I am SICK of this, let this be over!"  Lilith turned the gun on herself and pulled the trigger. But no matter how many times she tried, no matter how many times the gun went off, she never felt the pain of death. The void would not let her die.  She simply closed her eyes and drifted away to another nightmare.

When she awoke again, she found herself in a familiar room, surrounded by her children. She smiled seeing them all again. Suddenly the lights flickered and fogged filled the room. A voice echoed from with in the fog. "Lilith you were Banished. You are not allowed to have fun or happiness. For your punishment, your children will forget all about you while you remember everything about them. 

Underworld watched as her children's minds were erased and they were swallowed up by the mist. "N-no you can't! That's not fair!"

The voice spoke again. "Lilith, as much as it pains me, you were not allowed to have these children. YOU have broken the rules. YOU must be punished!"

Underworld let out a scream of anguish and broke down sobbing.
"My babies...I'll never see them again!"

dedicated to my Friend KAT

Underworld was her character during this RP :3
Katlinea May 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Wow rereading this it breaks my feels DX *feels are now broken*
shadowfan92 May 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know right ;A;
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